About Us
Expert Clutter Removal Service is a veteran-owned cleanout and removal company that has been
serving clients in Central New York since 1994. We provide a variety of services to our valued
residential, municipal, industrial, and commercial clients while staying true to our motto to clean
out your junk -- not your wallet.

Our expertise gives us a different point of view. We have been exposed to many different situations that exemplify our ability to remove the usual, the unusual, the ordinary and the extra-ordinary.
We have removed an air conditioning compressor the size of a jet engine from the basement of an old theater, above ground swimming pools, even a few outhouses !
We can safely say we have even removed the kitchen sink.

We work hard for you long after the job is done. We recycle each category of debris to it's proper
recycling stream. It does require more time and effort but, we are proud to provide this extra effort to make this world greener.
Did I mention we offer free estimates ? We offer free estimates, and are fully insured.

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