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NEW! Racing 2021
news, notes,results

Racing 2020
news, notes,results

My Last Mile
A trip to the Syracuse Mile for the last time.

The Kevin Ward Incident.
Three fatal mistakes.

It rubbers me the wrong way

Jim Nace
Racer - Friend

  MAXIM              DISASTER !
It's just Junk, but wait...

  Dave's Fair Draw !
More new ways to line up heats and feature.

Black Rock
The problem at Black Rock.

  Dad's 1947 Trip
Indy Midgets

A GREAT Racer and Friend

Spooky Coincidence
First crash... in a midget.

Putting it all together
Parts and pieces

  Sharon Speedway
1/2 mile in Ohio

Getting Started
Karts, Midgets, Sprints

Knock Out
A nite in the crash house.

First Win!
A win on the road.

Port Royal Win
A Big win during fair week.

A tribute to Don Martin

  Harry and the 35 car
Racin' for Harry

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Everyone  Welcome.

Armond's Story
My Father

Super Crew
Pit crew present and past.

  The Cows and
the numbers


A short history of sprint car racing.

Syracuse Mile
Biggest race of the year.

More Syracuse Mile
Highs and Lows at Syracuse

Flat Out!
Flat out around the Mile.

The long and the short of it.

Chasin' races on the road.

Adventures of Carl
and the Airplane
Ya see, I bought this airplane...

Diary 2000
Racing the 90 car

  Racing Again!   2003
News, notes, results.

More Racing!

News, notes, results

 Racing '05!
News, notes, results.

Racing 2006
News, notes, results.

Racing 2007!
news, notes & results

  Racing 2008
news, notes, results.

  Racing 2009
news, notes, results.

Racing 2010
news, notes, results.

Racing 2011
news, notes, results.

Racing 2012
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Racing 2013
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Racing 2014
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   Racing 2015
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Racing 2016
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 Racing 2018
with 2017 update
news, notes, results.  

Racing 2019
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Racing has always been an
important part of my life. Racing Karts as a kid eventually led to Midgets and Sprints and full time racing through the '80s. For six of those years I was able to race on the last race's winnings and we did pretty good for a shoe-string operation.

Corky Stockham at the National Parts Peddler was a great help as was Duval and Cheri Dressler in Pa, and a large group of companies and a loyal group of people that worked on the car in the shop and at the track.

This site is bench racing at it's best (or worst depending on your point of view). The pictures are surrounded by the stories of hard work, good and bad luck, wins and crashes.

I've pulled these stories from memory. If you have more to add, can fill in a name or have a story of your own, questions or just to chat... email me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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